32nd & Central Avenue, Ocean City, New Jersey
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I've been a real estate agent at Monihan Realty for the last 8 years.
Before that I was in the petroleum industry with Arco (26 years) and Sunoco (17 years).
I've lived in the Los Angeles area, Chicago and numerous other addresses over the years before moving back to Wayne, Pennsylvania, then retired to Ocean City where my wife, Nancy, and I had spent summertime weeks.
We've been married over 50 years and have 3 grown sons and 7 grandchildren. My sons and their families are spread around so we see them about twice yearly. Moscow, Russia; San Francisco; Bozeman, Montana. They are all nice places to visit.
I graduated from Muhlenberg College and my wife from Cedar Crest College, both in Allentown, Pa.
We're Philly folks. I went to Cheltenham High and Nancy to Haverford High.
We have a retreat in Captiva Island, Florida that we usually visit during Christmas and New Years.
I'm fortunate to live in a beachfront in Ocean City, so I reside in my vacation home. I love the ocean and the salt air.

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